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40 Days of Dating: a Dating Experiment

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Two long time friends tread treacherous waters and embark on a dangerous adventure: dating each other.  The two friends, Jessica Walsh and Timothy Goodman, both admittedly have had difficulty retaining relationships and have turned to each other to maybe find an answer.  For forty days, they have committed to seeing each other every day, writing daily about their thoughts/doubts/fears, and seeing a couples therapist once a week:  all of which push the normal envelope of budding love.  However it asks the question, does full disclosure from day one help to build a stronger relationship?  At first I was skeptical that this was simply a marketing ploy, but I found the writing so far to be very honest and endearing;  and while the website graphics & doodles alone are enough to keep me checking back in, I have to say that I am very curious to see what happens.  40 Days of Dating, you have a fan.

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One thought on “40 Days of Dating: a Dating Experiment

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